Approximately five years ago I decided to get a massage through a massage school.  About half way there I wondered why I had not gone to somebody established as it would probably be a much better result.  That decision to follow through with the appointment was one of the best choices of my life.  The second Brian picked up my head to move it and massage my neck I knew this was no ordinary student.  It was his last day of school and did I win the lottery by getting him assigned to me.  I have been with Brian since then and have never looked back. He does the most incredible massages ever.  Each one is different. He always asks if I have any current issues and then I ask him to do whatever my body needs, which he does so very well.  I love to tell people in my life about Brian.  He is my own personal massage rock star.  I cannot imagine maintaining my overall health without him.  Thanks Brian for taking such good care of me, and I look forward to many more years with you.

~Lynn G.

After months of pain and restricted movement in my neck I was advised to see Brian Hicks.  I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Over a period of time Brian was was able to loosen the muscles and tendons in my neck, shoulder and back and saved me from having to have any form of shots from my doctor.  I am currently on a maintenance schedule with Brian to stay limber and to avoid a re-occurrence of my problems.  I highly recommend Brian’s services.

~Agnes C, age 79

I have never felt more ‘in tune’ with another massage therapist. Brian takes the time to truly understand his client’s needs and tailors each massage specifically to you, every time. Brian’s vast knowledge, wide experience, and calm energy have helped me both with injuries as well as relaxation and stress relief. I leave each session feeling as though I am floating.

~Mona, age 25

I was having problems with my back and shoulder muscles and tightness of breathing. After several months of physical therapy without discovering the cause, I met with Brian. I was impressed by his knowledge of anatomy, depth of questions, concern for my well being, and desire to help find the root cause of my pain and discomfort. After several weeks Brian kept asking me if I had been in an accident and I said no, but then I remembered that I was in a severe car accident 30 years ago. Brian explained that injuries can still have an effect 20+ years later and discussed the best course of therapy for me. Since then he as helped to relieve my pain and I can breathe freely again. I like to be active and exercise and Brian helps me stay healthy and feel good through massage therapy.